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The Company was founded in 1972 by John J. Flanagan Sr. as Corporate Brands, Inc. and merged with Bullen Chemical in 1976. In that same year, Mr. Flanagan received a patent for a new type of cleaner degreaser, which he called Activ VIII. It was the first true innovation in degreasing in 25 years, and formed the cornerstone of the company’s early growth. By continually exploiting and improving on this patented technology, the company gained a leadership position in industrial cleaning chemistry which it maintains today. Since the death of John Flanagan Sr. in 1990, the current management team has directed the company.

The Company has always offered a wide range of maintenance chemicals, and has a reputation for high field sales expertise, excellent technical resources and high quality products in each of the following major product categories: industrial cleaning, resilient floor care, personal hand care, construction, and agricultural specialties. Most of this expertise was developed in-house, but there have been three significant acquisitions in the past 22 years: the purchase of Haag Labs (a three-generation company) in 1984, which brought recognized expertise in personal hand care and a strong position in agricultural adjuvants; and the purchase of the resilient floor care portion of Federal International Chemicals Division of Valspar in 1994. Federal had a widely respected floor care program. Each acquisition brought new business in excess of $1 million , expertise and highly valuable new personnel to the Bullen team giving us a very solid quality base to offer our customers. In 1998 Bullen moved to a new state of the art manufacturing facility and began a new era at Bullen Midwest and new name …Nuance Solutions.

In 1999, Bullen Midwest d.b.a. Nuance Solutions acquired Midwest PolyChem, a manufacturer of quality soaps and detergents in the wholesale and retail markets. The combined companies now provide technological expertise and manufacturing excellence and flexibility for our entire customer base.

Today, enhanced by our value-added products, service and brands; Custom Solutions and Actiblend Systems. Nuance has become the leader in environmentally responsible products. Current markets served are agricultural, food service, grocery, industrial distributions, retail and specific specialty manufacturers.