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Dual Draw Install/Troubleshooting


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Actiblend Dual Draw Installation Requirements:

  • Mount Dual Draw dispenser above chemical components to prevent siphoning of chemical.
    Location should be an area with enough room to bring all cleaning equipment close to the Actiblend Dual Draw System.
  • Area should have a floor drain to ease dumping of dirty cleaning solution before filling cleaning equipment.
  • Dedicated water line with a garden hose connection with a minimum of 7gpm of flow

Step 1 – Mount unit to wall using hardware provided. Make sure unit is mounted above where containers will be placed

dd mount step 1

Step 2 – Facing the unit select & insert dilution tip into eductor on the left for component A .  Connect chemical hose to eductor . Next, select and insert dilution tip into eductor on the right for component B. Connect chemical hose to eductor.

step 2
Step 3 – Connect discharge hose to dispenser using plastic clamp. IMPORTANT: make sure priming ring is 1 to 2 inches below dispenser in the hose.
Step 4 – Connect chemical hoses to connector caps (Trim excess hose if needed) Use radiator clamps to prevent air leaks.
Step 5 – Place pails of A&B components below dispenser and connect cap to pails tightly. Be sure to connect the proper cap to the correct component.
Step 6 – Connect incoming water line to garden hose fitting on dispenser.
Step 7 –  Mount the hose hook to the left  below  the dispenser as you face the system.
Step 8 – Turn on water supply then turn operating ball valve to the ON position. Chemical should draw up both tubes and dispense RTU cleaner.
Step 9 – For drum installations follow the same procedures making sure the dispenser is above the top of the drums.

Important Information

Operating Limits for all Actiblend Dual Draw System – Failure to adhere to these limits will result in liability for repairs

The Dual Draw System is designed for use with Actiblend Superconcentrate ONLY — Do not use any other products though the system.

Water Pressure – Operate Express units between 20psi and 70psi – higher line pressure will cause damage to internal parts & reduce dilution accuracy (40psi is optimal pressure).

Water Temperature – Operate Dual Draw unit in ambient temperatures not to exceed 100°F. Higher temperatures can damage internal parts.

Recommended Maintenance – In hard water areas, Nuance recommends running a mild acid through the dispenser as needed to remove hard water build-up & scale deposits.

Never restrict flow at end of hose! If restricted, water will flow out the top of the vacuum breaker & hose could blow off spilling chemical on floor.


Setup ProblemCausePossible solution
Chemical not drawingWater pressure too lowConnect to water source with at least 7gpm of flow at 25 psi
Water pressure too HighConnect to water source with at least 7gpm of flow below 70 psi or install pressure regulator
Discharge hose connected at wrong endReconnect discharge hose with priming ring 3-5 inches from dispenser
Caps not connected properlyReconnect caps
Air leakTighten cap and put radiator clamps on both ends of chemical tubes
Dilution to strongMetering tip too largeInstall smaller tip
Dilution to WeakMetering tip too smallInstall larger tip
Dual Draw system is sputtering/bubbles in the chemical tubesAir leakTighten cap and put radiator clamps on both ends of chemical tubes
Unequal draw of the A&BSlight variations in draw are to be expected but significant differences are due to incorrect tipsReplace with correct tip or increase or decrease tip size accordingly
Maintenance IssueCausePossible solution
Dilution to WeakMetering tips cloggedRemove, clean and re-install tips
Hard water build up in ventureRemove dispenser from wall and clean venture with mild acid
Chemical not drawingHard water build up in ventureRemove dispenser from wall and clean venture with mild acid
Metering tips cloggedRemove, clean and re-install tips
Chemical not primed in tubesCap check valve is damagedReplace connector cap

*If your question or concern was not addressed, please contact our Technical Department at 773-928-2774