Q: What materials are in NuFiber products?
A: Almost all of the NuFiber product line is 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide.

Q: Why are your products offered in so many different colors?
A: The janitorial and sanitation industries started using color coding to reduce or eliminate cross-contamination. Different colors indicate each cleaning task or surface. The assignment of colors is the decision of each facility, so we provide a wide variety of colors for our products to fit every need.

Q: Are microfiber cloths for wet or dry cleaning?
A: Microfiber cloths are effective on all surfaces, wet or dry. In most cases, the dampening or addition of properly diluted chemical to the cloth enhances the cleaning process.

Q: Can microfiber be used on glass and/or fragile surfaces?
A: You can use almost any microfiber cloth on glass, mirrors, and fragile surfaces provided it is new, clean and free of any foreign material. We recommend using our specific glass cloth as a best practice because the smooth cloth has virtually no pile and is less likely to hold or harbor a substance that would damage the surface.

Q: How do I launder microfiber products?
A: There are five basic rules to laundering microfiber:
1. Don’t use fabric softener
2. Little to no use of bleach
3. Launder separately, without other fabrics
4. Wash at temperatures below 190°
5. Dry at temperatures below 90°

Q: Do I need to launder my microfiber products before first use?
A: Most products don’t require laundering before use, but we recommended that you wash pocket mops once or twice before first use for optimal “charging” and performance.

Pre-Treated Pocket Mop System

Q: How much square footage can you clean with one pocket mop?
A: You can clean up to approximately 400-500 square feet.

Q: If you don’t use all your pre-treated mops, will they still be wet/useable the next day?
A: We advise against soaking mops overnight since it can compromise disinfectant efficacy. Our recommended best practice is to wash your pre-treated mops with your used mops.

Q: Do I still need to pre-sweep or dust mop before mopping?
A: In light soil situations pre-sweeping may not be necessary, but check with your facility manager.

Q: How many pocket mops will fit into one pre-treat bucket?
A: You can pre-treat anywhere from 24 to 30 pocket mops in one bucket.

Divided Bucket with Tab Mop System

Q: Does the divided bucket come with other wringer options?
A: We have a down press and a roller wringer option, but we recommend using the side press.

Q: Are your mops or frames interchangeable with other tab systems?
A: It depends on the system. However, we are not interchangeable with any system that utilizes grommets on the tabs.

Q: Do I need to launder tab mops?
A: You certainly can, but many facilities choose to clean and rinse these mops manually.

Double Bucket Trolley System

Q: Will this system fit on a custodial cart?
A: It will fit a NuFiber Modular cart perfectly and comes with a stabilizing bar for the wringer. For other cart brands, it will depend on each cart and its front platform dimensions.

Q: Why do the tube mops feel heavier than a traditional string mop?
A: The tube mop holds more liquid than traditional string mops, plus microfiber picks up more soil so you may experience more drag. If it feels too heavy, you might consider moving down a size.

Floor Finish Applicator System

Q: What is the suggested clean up recommendation for the large floor finish applicator kit?
A: We recommend using warm water with mild agitation as quickly as possible to free the bucket of any dried finish. We also recommend flushing the spigot with warm water. To properly rinse finish mops, thoroughly rinse and wring out the mop four times and allow them to hang dry overnight.

High Duster Kit

Q: What do I do for dusting needs higher than 11 feet?
A: There is an adaptor with a three section, 18-foot pole available that allows for high dusting needs up to 25 feet.

Q: How many times can you bend the wand on the high duster kit before it breaks?
A: The wand can bend hundreds of times, provided it’s bent at least four inches away from where it enters the handle.

Q: Can I dampen the sleeve on the high duster kit for heavier soils or dusting?
A: Yes! You can lightly mist or dampen the sleeves without any problems.

Premium Dust Mops

Q: What is the recommended maintenance for the NuFiber premium dust mops?
A: Most facilities will dry groom the dust mops daily using a wet/dry vacuum hose or the hose attachment of an upright vacuum. The dust mops should be laundered once a week or every two weeks depending on use.

Q: What is the life expectancy of the NuFiber premium dust mop?
A: While it ultimately depends on use, because of the superior construction and the microfiber yarn, one should expect at least double life span of a traditional cotton or cotton blended dust mop.

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