Case Study 3


An existing client approached NuVation to formulate and produce a highly active suspension. The customer, who has manufacturing facilities nationwide, had attempted to produce the product for over a year with very inconsistent results, even with a two to three-day reduction time.


We wanted to make the suspension more stable and produce it more efficiently. Our chemists performed an extensive analysis of the product and spent months analyzing the formula to determine what caused the suspension to break down. We discovered that the suspension was prone to thickening after production, so we devised a method to ensure the consistency of the product was shelf-stable. After sourcing the proper equipment to manufacture the suspension, we were able to mass produce batches that are up to both our and our client’s standards.


Since the first production run, we’ve manufactured over one million gallons of the suspension. As a result of the development process, we have methods of formulation and scalable production that is applicable to other products such as supersolutions, high activity materials, and other suspensions.


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