Why NuVation?

NuVation is dedicated to formulating and producing products that exceed our clients’ expectations. No matter if it takes weeks, months or even years to establish the perfect formula, we’ll spend the time to get it right. Whether it’s improving an existing product or collaborating on a new one, we work closely with our clients to get optimal results. No secrets behind the lab doors.

And we don’t stop at perfecting your product. NuVation has the capabilities to manufacture your formulations right in our plant. Our collaborative process between our six on-staff chemists, production engineers, and clients ensures scalability for mass production. You can rest assured knowing that we didn’t just get it right in the lab, we’ll be able to produce your product millions of times in our plant.

Here are a few of our success stories.

Case Study 1     Case Study 2     Case Study 3

About NuVation