NuBlend (formerly Actiblend) has been at the core of Nuance Solutions’ product offerings for the last 25 years. Ordinary cleaner formulas are mostly water – up to 95%! This makes them more ex

pensive to ship and handle. That’s why we created a line of super concentrates and accompanying dispensing systems. Our technology allows your customers to purchase chemistries that are up to seven times more concentrated than ordinary products. They can then utilize our advanced dispensing systems to mix our chemistries with water onsite. Thus, customers are spending less while purchasing the same quantity and quality of product.

NuBlend’s dispensing systems also increase safety for end users. Without a dispenser, users often lack a means of mixing control and risk exposure to harsh chemicals. The NuBlend closed loop dispensing systems removes any risk of users coming into direct contact with the chemicals. That means a safer process for users and less liability for employers.

Why do we call ourselves “Maestros of Sales”? Because behind our products is a sales team dedicated to the success of our distributors. Our mission is to help you foster lasting relationships with your customers built on trust and expertise. To achieve this, we have developed sales tools and training programs that our distributors rely on for consistent sales performance. The combination of our resources, sales expertise and superior NuBlend products ensures not only customer satisfaction, but continued sales growth for your business. You too will be a Maestro of Sales!

Sustainability Commitment:

Our commitment to quality and sustainability goes beyond the chemistries of our cleaning products. Not only are the chemicals safer for the environment, but our super concentrated formulas use less packaging and require less fuel, resulting in reduced freight costs and less waste.