NuBlend FAQs

Q: Do I need an agitator or stick to mix the Components?
A: No! The Components are formulated to slide into solution with only the gentle addition of water to your container, whether it is a drum or tote.


Q: Won’t the solution foam up as I add the Components?
A: While filling the container, it’s important to keep the end of the water hose beneath the surface of the water as it fills, which will prevent the solution from foaming.


Q: What if I add the Components in reverse order (B first, A second)?
A: That’s fine! The Components are formulated to blend together easily no matter what order they are added.


Q: What if I don’t have equal amounts of A and B – should I produce a drum anyway?
A: We don’t recommend blending the A and B Components in unequal amounts. They are specially formulated in balance to provide the best performance. If you have unequal amounts, check first with Nuance or your supplier to remedy the imbalance.


Q: Can I produce a drum using only half of the A and B to save money?
A: While the solution you produce will function as a cleaner, all of the instructions for use will be incorrect since they are written for a full-strength blend. Consult your salesperson for more specific instructions.


Q: Should I put all of the water in the drum or tank before I begin?
A: It’s best to put about five gallons of water into the container to make the blending easiest. The balance of the water will fully blend the two Components.


Q: Since I am blending products, does using this system make me a manufacturer?
A: No. The combination of the components is like a two-part epoxy, and you are simply diluting them with water. Until they are put together, they simply won’t work.


Q: What if I put in only the A Component or only the B Component – can I still clean?
A: Neither Component on its own will function as a cleaner. Call you salesperson or our Customer Service for instructions.


Q: What sort of Personal Protective Equipment will I need?
A: The recommended PPE is listed on the literature and MSDS. Always follow these recommendations for safety!


Q: How do I know which product to choose?
A: There are several ways! The best way is to have a cleaning needs assessment and survey done by one of our professionals. We also have product matching charts that enable us to match our products with most major manufacturers. We also offer supervised trials with a few product choices to determine the best product for use.