Case Study 1


A client approached us with a product they developed, but they lacked a production facility capable of manufacturing it. In addition, the product required a manual intermediary step which made large-scale production impossible.


NuVation was tasked with mass producing the product and developing a stable finished formula that wouldn’t require the additional step of adding water. To reach the desired dilution, the customer’s original formulation required that they add water to its base components. As an additional layer of complexity, the original components could not be altered, or the product would lose its regulatory approval. After working closely with the client and conducting extensive research, we found very specialized equipment that would sufficiently thin the original formulation. Once we eliminated the additional step of adding water, we were able to mass produce the product for the customer.


Our client visited NuVation’s manufacturing facility to observe a pilot batch and confirm that the product met their specifications. Upon demonstrating the new technology and formulation to the client, they placed a 70,000-gallon order. Since the original production run, we’ve produced over three million gallons.


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