Case Study 2


NuVation wanted to develop a superconcentrated alkaline cleaning product that was effective, cost-efficient and safe for end-users.


Our first entry into superconcentrates was a two-part system that provides the customer with significant savings in shipping and storage. There were initial concerns regarding the potential hazards involved in the end-user blending water with the superconcentrate. Our next formulation was ten to fifteen times as concentrated as ordinary cleaning products, but required compromises in strength to achieve shelf and heat stability. We continued to push our formulators to create a product that would match the strength of our original cleaners at the maximum concentration without compromising efficacy or safety. After over 40 attempts, we reached our goal by using a counterintuitive blend of alkaline builders and stabilizers.


The final product is a truly innovative approach to superconcentrates. It performs as well as our original cleaners at three times the dilution rate without losing potency or emulsifying power. In the process, we also developed delivery and dispensing methods that apply to a vast range of products and provide new opportunities to our customers’ sales models.


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