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VIDEO: Why the Cleaning Station Is a Game Changer for End-Users

Uncategorized November 20, 2018

When it comes to cost-effective super concentrated cleaning chemical dispensers and systems, our cleaning station can’t be beat. Our technology allows your customers to purchase superconcentrates that are up to seven times more concentrated than ordinary products. When using our advanced system to mix chemistries with water onsite, scrubbers, mop buckets and spray bottles can easily be filled.

Here are just a few reasons why end-users love the Cleaning Station:

  • Simple, compact design has a small footprint and requires minimal wall space
  • Closed loop system requires no chemical contact
  • Allows for more dilution control

For container accommodations and dilution ratios, click here to download our info sheet.

Click play to hear why end-users believe the Cleaning Station is a game changer:

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