Founded in 1972 by John J. Flanagan Sr., Nuance Solutions was originally known as Corporate Brands, Inc. We built our early growth on John’s patent for Activ VIII, a product that revolutionized degreasing as the first of its kind in over 25 years. With Activ VIII as our foundation, we grew to become an industry leader in industrial cleaning chemistry.

Over the years, the combination of in-house, revolutionary product development and sales expertise facilitated various acquisitions. These acquisitions allowed us entry into new markets such as agricultural specialty products, retail markets, contract packaging and formulation. In 1998, after moving to an ultra-modern manufacturing facility, we took on the name of Nuance Solutions.

After the passing of John in 1990, his son Jim Flanagan became CEO and President alongside the current management team directing the company. Nuance completed its third leadership transition in 2017, with Sean Hoffman becoming President and Jim remaining CEO.

Nuance currently serves agricultural, food service, grocery, industrial distributors, retail and specific specialty manufacturers. We offer a wide range of maintenance chemicals and have a strong reputation for field sales expertise, excellent technical resources and high-quality products.

Today, Nuance has 65 full-time employees who are focused on industrial cleaning, microfiber, and custom research and development markets. We continue to lead the industry with technical expertise and sales acumen and our ongoing commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly products means we will provide the most advanced products to our customers for generations to come.