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ESL Program

News October 28, 2021

We take the education of our employees very seriously here at Nuance Solutions. This is why we are proud to announce that we have been offering an English as a Second Language class to all of our employees. Last year we asked our employees to fill out a satisfaction survey and discovered that our plant had communication issues because of the language barrier. Managers at the plant put sign-up sheets out and we received 33 people wanting to learn English! In order for all of these employees to learn English effectively we split them up into 3 classes and each class is a different skill level.

We wanted to make sure they had the ability to learn without adding more stress to their lives so we offered these classes during work hours. These classes are held on Tuesday and Thursdays and are given by Vivian Zimmerman, who works with South Suburban College. Zimmerman has been a teacher for over 24 years and asked us what the main communications points were that we want our employees to learn. After going on a tour of the plant to learn some of the common phrases and materials we use, she made her curriculum and has been helping these 33 employees learn English.

Having our employees higher their education is very important to us because it will help them in the workplace and at home, they will become more confident to communicate with fellow employees, and strengthen some of their relationships. Also, by learning English, there is more opportunity for advancement in the company and in their own education. We are so proud of the employees that have signed up to higher their education and thankful to the South Suburban College in helping us with this achievement.