NuFiber is so much more than the premium microfiber cleaning cloths used to wash your floors. Since 2011, NuFiber has provided a wide range of products and systems that allow for efficient, modern cleaning in sanitation, healthcare, education, retirement, commercial buildings and hospitality facilities. With NuFiber you’re finally cleaning, not just spreading soil.

Our microfiber technology attracts more soil than cotton blended tools. Thus making the performance of any chemical product better! Cleaning with NuFiber means that your customers are more confident during regulatory audits, their cleaning budgets are reduced and their employees are happier. Plus, our ergonomically designed tools are completely customizable for each user, making them more comfortable and causing less strain and fatigue. Gone are the days of hunching over a wooden handle mop!

Our ability to demonstrate expertise of NuFiber products opens doors for our customers to sell more. With our resources, educational materials and presentations, we can help you get high-quality microfiber products into the hands of consumers. And trust us, they’re looking for them! There’s no limit to the demand from your customers once they experience NuFiber’s superior cleaning results.