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NuFiber’s K-12 Program

News September 28, 2020

As students and employees are going back to school NuFiber’s K-12 Program will show districts the proper way to improve their custodial processes and help them educate and communicate their new methods of cleaning. This program will show your custodial team how to clean more efficiently and with less cross contamination to save you time and money! This is a comprehensive program that uses disinfectant products, superior cleaning tools and the best cleaning practices to protect everyone. It has always been important to clean schools and make sure everyone stays healthy, but it is even more important during these times.


Our Program includes a 5-step plan that we follow to make sure that you have the best cleaning there can be:

Step 1 is to Audit the current situation. We will uncover the unique needs of each school and make recommendations specifically customized to those needs, including an estimated budget.

Step 2 is Change Management. If the audit recommendation involves equipment upgrades and procedural changes. It is critical to manage those changes and NuFiber has an unparalleled method of introducing change and convincing even skeptical staff to adapt.

Step 3 is Implementation. NuFiber supports the transition through several channels of communication: supporting collateral material that describes and explains the function of each cleaning component, instructional videos for re-training and enforcement of the process and wall charts as reminders of preparation of equipment and each cleaning step.

Step 4 is Communication. We will communicate the changes and upgrades to students, teachers, staff, visitors and the community in a transparent, open way to help provide a level of comfort they deserve.

Step 5 is Validation. After 30 days the cleaning process is validated and monitored through testing. Testing ranges from visual inspection to ATP swab sampling. If necessary, follow up on-site training is conducted.


Take a look at the videos attached to hear what some of the customers that use the K-12 Program like about it!