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What Else Turned 50 This Year?

News April 12, 2022

Nuance Solutions is proud to be one of the many things turning 50 this year! This is a big milestone, and we are excited to be celebrating it! You may be wondering what else was created in 1972? This is just a preview of the many things, people, places, songs, movies, etc. that we share our anniversary with. We are honored to have grown and excelled throughout the years, just like many of these below!

What Else Turns 50 This Year?
– Boggle
– Honda civic
– Jet ski
– McMuffin
– Popeyes
– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
– Shaquille O’Neal
– The Godfather
– The Candidate
– Snoopy, Come Home
– Mr. Pibb
– American Pie by Don Maclean
– Rocket Man by Elton John
– Heart of Gold by Neil Young
– Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin