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“Ask The Expert” With Bob Warda

News November 20, 2020

Accurate dilution control saves money, improves indoor air quality, reduces employee exposure to concentrated chemical and fumes and provides consistent dilution for optimal product performance. When it is your responsibility as a user to make sure the dilution is correct, it can be confusing because a lot of products come ready to use. However, those items are usually 99% water and more expensive because of shipping and handling costs. Super-concentrated chemicals are less expensive, better for the environment, and just as effective as ready to use chemicals, you just add the water yourself.  In order to learn more about how to properly dilute products and why it is important we sat down with our expert in the field, Bob Warda.

Warda is our Division Sales Manager and has been working at Nuance Solutions since 1991. Before working in sales he spent a decade in our R&D department and quickly learned about chemistry, activity and the importance of dilution control. With his knowledge from sales and R&D work he has been helping people learn the importance of properly diluting their products and how to do it safely and effectively.

“No matter what chemicals you are working with – dilution is key to safety, and performance” Warda explains. Diluting correctly may be challenging at first because if you overuse chemicals you could be wasting product, time and money. Often people run into challenges where they get residue and streaking on their surfaces and even damage to a surface usually contributed by too much product. However, if you under dilute your chemicals you could be at risk of having inconsistent cleaning results, poor performance and increased labor to clean again.

A Dispensing System is a great option to achieve the correct dilution every time. According to Warda, “Dispensing systems will allow you to blend the proper amount of concentrated product with water to make your cleaner.” Without a dispenser, users often lack a means of mixing control and risk exposure to harsh chemicals. Dispensing systems help remove any risk of users coming into direct contact with the chemicals.”That means a safer process for users, less liability for employers, as well as a properly diluted and effective cleaner.”

One of the main benefits of using dilutable products over ready to use products is its economy in use and sustainability. Warda says, “Dilutable products allow the customer to pay for less water, more chemistry and mix the product onsite for use. Customers can then spend less while purchasing the same quantity and quality of products.” When using dilutable products you are mixing the water and product into re-usable plastic bottles that can be used over and over again before they wear out and need to be replaced. While ready to use diluted bottles get one use before they are thrown away. Dilutable products allow the customer to purchase more active chemistry and greatly reduce shipping, handling and storage.