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A Year In Review

News December 17, 2020

In the face of COVID-19, Nuance Solutions has continued to grow tremendously. Nuance has hired over 15 new full-time employees over the last year and a half and gained 4 separate internship programs. These interns have increased the temporary employment percentage by 30%. Unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs during this very unpredictable time. As unemployment rates are at an all-time high, Nuance has been able to provide stable jobs for many. Many people that have lost their jobs are choosing to apply for jobs at essential businesses such as Nuance Solutions. Nuance needed people to step up and help get the job done efficiently and effectively. Bringing new people onto the team helped do exactly that.

Due to the pandemic many businesses were forced to close temporarily. “Nuance solutions is an essential company, we manufacture all kinds of disinfecting sprays, which are being used right now,” says Iwona Garcia, Nuance’s production manager. Because Nuance was deemed essential, we were able to stay open amidst the pandemic. Due to the alarming rate that COVID-19 spreads, everyone was searching for a disinfectant or sanitizer to help knock out the Coronavirus. This led to many companies looking at Nuance to produce these products for them. Nuance’s top priority is to keep everyone safe by providing workers and customers with proper disinfectants. Orders started coming in from everywhere at a rapid rate and our production team started fulfilling orders to get them done promptly. Nuance needed to be deemed essential during this time to help produce mass amounts of disinfectants to help fight COVID-19.

Some products Nuance helped create to battle COVID-19 are Nemesis, Safe Surface Kit, and Disinfectant 220. Nemesis is an EPA approved, 1-minute cleaner, designed to kill COVID-19. It is very easy to use and a very effective product. Safe Surface Kit is a collection of products made up of disposable microfiber cloths, pre-clean, and the disinfectant. This kit creates a simple 2 step process, which includes preparing the surface with the pre-clean, and then disinfecting after. Disinfectant 220 is a new disinfectant product which kills 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 seconds. This product disinfects a wide variety of surfaces such as tables, chairs, and light switches.

Ways Nuance Solutions has helped fight coronavirus:

  • Split the staff into two shifts to minimize the people but maximize production.
  • Produced disinfectants and sanitizers.
  • Nuance’s team wears masks when around others, and gloves in the plant.

About Nuance Solutions Nuance Solutions is a chemical manufacturer located in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded by John Flanagan Sr. in 1972 and taken over by his son, Jim, in 1990. Over the next several years Nuance became a leader in the industrial cleaning chemical industry. They now have more than 65 employees, with products in industries such as agriculture, food services, industrial distributors, and many more. To learn more about our record breaking year check out the attached video!