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Carbon Black

News December 21, 2020

Carbon Black is a lot like graphite and is the general term used to describe a powdery commercial form of carbon. If you work with Carbon Black you are aware it gets everywhere. In fact, many laundry services will segregate washing machines for Carbon Black clothes and other materials.

One step in preventing the redepositing of Carbon Black is to remove it from floors before it can spread throughout your facility.

If you have an issue with removing Carbon Black we might be able to help. See the picture attached of our Quantum Beta Degreaser at work. As you can see in the picture, our Beta is a non-corrosive degreaser and cleaner. It has a moderate pH and is user-friendly. Beta has unique rubber-mark removal ability, which is coupled with anti-soil redeposition qualities, to provide cleaner, safer surfaces. If you want to learn more about our Quantum Beta Degreaser take a look at the spec sheet attached below.